Monday, April 27, 2009

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Congratulations Ronan O.!

Congratulations to Ronan on his recent booking for a Harlequin Cover for the novel "One of a Kind Dad"

Congrats Robert D.!

Congratulations to Robert kid model for his recent booking for Unitron!

Good Job Olivia R.!

Congratulations to Olivia! Kid actor she was recently booked on the TV show One Small Thing for episodes 1 & 2!

Way To Go Marko!

Congratulations to Marko kid model for his recent booking for Air Hog's Toy Packaging with Spinmaster Toys

Great Job Laura S.!

Congratulations to Laura from Toronto best modeling agency for her recent booking for a Zellers flyer!

Congratulations Joshua V.!

Congratulations to Joshua from Toronto best acting agency for his recent E-Trade Commercial booking for Soft Citizen!

Good Job Jayden!

Congratulations to Jayden a baby model on his recent booking for a Harlequin Cover for the novel "A Wedding For Baby"

Congrats Jack O.!

Congratulations to Jack kid actor for his recent booking for Alvesco Asthma Inhaler!

Babies R Us!

Congratulations to the following baby models for their recent bookings for Babies R Us!
Candace L., Connor S., Joshua W., and Raul C.,

Congratulations Cole T.!

Congratulations to baby model Cole for his recent creative print booking for Fairy Detergent

Great Job Caroline B.!

Congratulations Caroline kid actor for her recent commercial booking for Kookey's & Tracksters with Corus Entertainment
Thanks Caroline for sending us these snap shots!
Ryerson University Mass Exodus 2009

On the set of "Happy Town"

Congratulations Brooke F.!

Congratulations to Brooke on her recent booking for a Harlequin Cover for the novel "Doctor Daddy"

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Congratulations to Ivett J!

Ivett landed an actor role on the TV series “Ghostly Encounters”! That was one of her first auditions since signing with Carolyn’s the best agency in toronto!!
Keep up the great work Ivett!