Monday, May 26, 2014

Carolyn's Kids Talent Writes Speech About Acting



Scene 1 take 2

"Is this really santa"?


everyone to thier positions,

oH no not again, retake...

LOOK here comes the robocops , watch out run!!!!

stop you  are under arrest, you must be scannned.....

scanning .......the bombs go off!


Take break!

Lets get started ... Carolyn's kids Toronto, Ontario. Carolyn .... owner and model! Kristin, my agent and manager.

Carolyn has devoted her career, and life, though through her most difficult times dealing with Cancer and as a survivor of breast cancer "WOW! My mom has always told me  'what a lady"!

My first photo shoot....

The hair, the make up, the shoots.... a lot of work and patience

My mom devoted all her time for me from a fast growing industry with many competitors...

long days, long drives, sometimes 5 days week on the road...

I'm very fortunate to have had and still have the opportunity of having to do commercials, behind the scenes in film and acting, and just photo shoots for different magazines. The industry is a tough one ....when audition time comes I get anxious and wait to hear for the callbacks...bookings are different , it's when the client wants you. I've learned that whatever job I get is meant to be.

I've met many famous people such as Jackie Earl Haley, Jessica Biel, Enrico Colantoni, and many more and famous directors, and producers...

The most exciting part I've enjoyed playing was on Flashpoint a tv series, as well as Crash and Burn...

I can tell you this, everyone says your so lucky... but I look at  it in a different way,  I look at it as an experience, I was once really shy... and its helped me to be a better and confident person, and when you make a mistake you learn how to correct it in a positive way.

Its not so easy, you always need to be prepared awake, and always listening to your director..... and agent for your call times.                                                                                                                                  
There have been long days of working hard and then of course I complain, but then I think wow I've really accomplished a great experience of acting or just a plain photo shoot.

My favorite part is when its break time, mmmm all the delicious foods, Desserts not to mention I'm a part of Actra. Actra is a union and its very hard to get into Actra,  how I got into actra was I had a booking for a Walmart commercial when Kristin called me and wanted on set and you need to be with the union. Union means you have to go by their guidelines and they are very strict. Thanks to Kristin for her hard work for landing me the role.

Examples are break times and you cant work past a 9 hour shift and you can ask for food anytime.

The best part of being with Actra is you get paid a certain rate of hour or salary, and you can get full benefits if you choose to do so.

Toronto is a fast growing industry and they are now calling it the 2nd California state in filming.

The most funniest experience is when I was booked for a Harlequin novel  Photo shoot,which is for adults romance novels. The little boy who was to be my little brother was a bit younger then me and we had to pretend to open presents and that there was a pretend Santa Claus behind us but, the little boy kept running back and grabbing all the pretend christmas presents underneath the tree and opening them, it was a long day...

Another experience was filming for it was "The night before christmas" with Jessica Biel and you can see it every Christmas holiday on tv being apart of the cast in order for us to stay up until 3 am I was fed all kinds of candy! WOW THAT WAS THE BEST!!! But my mother didn't think so! we had no choice..... but after the shoot driving home back to London I slept like a baby my mother said....

Yes, being a part of Carolyn's has gave me great experience, obedience, and patience. I want to thank Carolyn the owner of Carolyn's model and talent and Kristen my manager and talent agent that without them both I would have never gained the experiences that I have had!

A word of advice, if your thinking of being a famous actor or actress, Its tough, its a lot of hard work to get recognized and to live the dream, but if you want it as a career go for it ! Live your dreams and you can accomplish anything. Carolyn has given the most great opportunity to being apart of their family business and this is a part of my life now. Thank you Carolyn for giving me the chance in my life you truly make a Difference to me and to be continued!"

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Carolyn's Talent: CMTC WINNERS


Devonyea M. won 2nd for singing in the 4-11 division.

Isaiah Y. won 2nd for dance in the 12 and over division. Monologue 12 and over 2nd. Commercial Print talent/actor 3rd.

Isabella D. won 1st for runway 4-11

Aurelia won 3rd for runway 4-11.

Anthony Timpano won 2nd for male runway. 2nd for for male photography. 1st for male swimsuit.

Sierra P. won 1st in child photography 4-7. Child cover 4-7 1st place! Monologue child 4-11 3rd. Kids casting 4-7 2nd place. Commercial Print child 4-7 1st place! And overall 4-7!!

Emma B. won 3rd in child cover 4-7.

Teegan W. won 2nd in child cover 4-7.

Griffin Lennie won 2nd in cold reading 12+

Stephanie Wong won 1st in tv commercial female. And 2nd commercial print female teen.

Hana Danielle won 2nd in commercial print female teen.

Elizabeth K. won 1st in commercial print ingenue.

Allison Jaworski 1st Runner-up for Commercial Print Talent

Adrianne Brock won 1st in commercial print female adult.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014



Canadian Colour Blast will be having a photo shoot this weekend and need models who would like to volunteer and add some colourful and unique photos to their portfolio. They will be using the photos on their Facebook, promo material and Instagram. 

The shoot will be outside, at 5:00pm this Saturday. 

Arrive dressed prepared - it is for a running/walking event so shorts/workout clothing. They will be blasting models/ talent with coloured powder (corn starch) and will be supplying you with a white colour blast t-shirt. 

They are looking for mainly girls ages 13-28. 


Rachel Cuschieri
Follow us on Twitter: @ColourBlastRun