Friday, February 27, 2015

Another Great Week at Carolyn's

Another Great Week at Carolyn's

Monday February 23rd- Friday February 27th

The weather may be frigid, but our fabulous talent are warming things up!


Congratulations to Jackson K  who just did a cover shoot for a world famous novel, hitting the store shelves soon! Wow! Great work!

Congrats to Liam M. Who worked on a retail print a while back. Great work Liam! 

Take a look at Carolyn's Kids baby Piper C. in yet another Hudson Bay flyer!  She's their baby model, they love her! 

Congrats to Cynthia D. who worked on a retail print ad recently!  Great work Cynthia! 

Take a look at little Carolyn's Kids Talent Mila C. excited to see herself on the cover of this Harlequin novel. Great job Mila, that's so exciting for you and your family, you look adorable!

Take a look at Carolyn's Talent Devin C. in this amazing short film called The Lonely.  He did such a great job and the film was made beautifully and is such a great story! 


Congrats to Ashley Heenan who worked on a promo modeling job recently. Great work Ashley!

Congrats to Tammy Wilson who worked on The Shopping Channel a while back as a dancer. Great work Tammy! ‪

Congrats to Christine Bentley who is working on an on-going project as a Guest Speaker. Great job Christine, keep rocking it!

Congrats to ‪Heidi Hatcher who worked on a print catalogue job recently. Great work Heidi, stunning as always! ‪

Congratulations to Shanna Armogan on landing a Principal Role in a New Media Episodic!

Congrats to ‪Carolyn's Talent‬ Mark Green who worked on a video project. Great work!

Here's to another great week, and the start of a brand new 
month, March!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Congrats to Carolyn's Kids Talent

Congrats to Carolyn's Kids Talent Trinity H. and Ansh R. who worked on a commercial recently. Great work guys! 

8 Tips to Maintain Good Skin for Castings/Auditions

1. Cleanse your skin regularly to avoid buildup of dirt and bacteria. Find a cleanser that suits your skin type, bearing in mind that not every product is ideal for you.
2. Beware of products with harsh chemicals. They can cause breakouts and damage the skin. We recommend products with an all-natural vegan-botanical ingredient base that will not have harmful effects.
3. Keep your skincare regiment simple. After a long photo-shoot or casting call you’re less likely to fall off the bandwagon if your routine is easy and simple.
4. Too much tanning will age your skin, so alternate between spray tans or a reliable brand of sunless tanner to keep a healthy glow without the negative side effects.
5. Drink enough water. It will keep your skin hydrated and keep it looking vibrant and healthy. Adopting good nutritional habits will also have positive impact on the appearance of your skin.
6. Get a good beauty rest. Lack of sleep will lead to tired older looking skin most obviously by casing bags and dark circles under the eyes.
7. Keep your pillowcase clean and your hair away from your face as you sleep. Grease and bacteria from these can build up on your face and cause breakouts.
8. Be consistent. Consistency will ultimately be your best friend; a sporadic routine will only lead to breakouts. With a little planning and some diligence, anyone can maintain healthy beautiful looking skin!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

How To Start A Career In Commercial Modelling & Acting

So you want to be a model or actor, but where do you start?

Get A Headshot- Every actor needs an 8x10 headshot with a resume on the back and even beginner models may start off with a simple headshot before the start building their portfolio.
Build Your Portfolio- A simple headshot will only serve its purpose for a time, then you need to upgrade. Determine what type of roles you might be cast for as a commercial print model. Examples include athletic, young mom and businessperson. You should now work on building your portfolio with these looks. Determine what types of roles you’re most likely to be cast for and build your portfolio around them. Be realistic about it, and take a look at your strengths. For example, If you’ve got an athletic build, you may be a great fit for athletic and fitness campaigns and acting roles. Recognize your strengths and use them to your advantage.
Find An Agent- Do some research about reputable agencies in your area. Give them a call and don’t be afraid to ask questions about the process of applying, the types of campaigns they do and what they’re ultimately looking for. We’ve heard great things at Carolyn’s Model & Talent Agency, not that we’re biased or anything. Some people advocate for a do it yourself approach, but we firmly believe an agent will help you navigate more effectively through the industry and will ultimately give you access to the connections you need.
Take Classes- This is a no brainer for actors; of course you should take classes. But for models, it can strengthen you commercial work by helping you to learn how to pose, learn more about your body movement and what you’re capable of. It’ll also help you to improve your role-playing and help convey emotion better.