Friday, May 29, 2009

Rogers Television Spot

Above is a TV spot that Rogers Television did on Carolyn's Model and Talent Agency in October 2007.

Look Out for Juliana M.!

Thanks Juliana M. for sending us these photos of a print ad she did for Rogers!

Extra, Extra Read All About It!

Carolyn's was featured in the North Oakville Today Newspaper.
Click on the picture above to read the article.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Take a Look at Sydney C.

Once again Sydney C. was in the Milton Champion Newspaper!
Click on the photo above to read the article on Sydney.
If you would like to read the article that was written on Sydney last summer click here.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good Job Guys!

Congrats to Gino F. & Matt D., they recently landed acting roles on the TV docudrama Physic Investigators III!


Good job Tony W. and Mark M.! Toronto's Top Talent, They both landed acting roles in the TV docudrama Cold Blood.

Great Job!!

Keep an eye out for Christopher A., Sarah A., Tina J. and Malory B. From Toronto Best Kids Agency in an Ice Cream Commercial!

Good Job Jay J.!

Way to go Jay J.! Jay from Toronto best acting agency recently landed an actor role on the TV Docudrama Forensic Faith.

Great Job Allyson S.!

Keep an eye out for Allyson S.! Our Toronto talent, she was recently booked on an Oreo TV Commercial!

Congrats Cheryl D.!

Congrats to Cheryl D.! From Toronto best talent agency Cheryl was recently in a How to Manage Your Diabetes video.

Great Job Dainna C.!

Congrats to Dainna C., From Toronto best talent agency she recently landed a booking for CBC for What's Your News.

Great Job Richard!

Great Jon Richard Z.! Toronto Talent Richard recently landed a Wireless Commercial!

Way To Go Stephanie D.!

Congratulations to Stephanie D., From the best agency in Toronto she recently was in a Shiloh Music Video!

Great Job Gabriella T.!

Congrats to Gabriella a Toronto talent for her recent booking for a Cadillac Fairview Video!

Great Jon Lindsey!

Keep your eyes open for Lindsey C., Toronto model she recently did a Canadian Tire Poster.

Great Job Olivia R.!

Congrats goes out to Olivia R. from Toronto best agency for her two Honda Internet Commercial bookings!

Great Job!!

Congrats to Owen A. and Ava A. Baby models for their recent booking with Larry Williams for Stock Photography.

Congratulations Kids!

Look out for Lucas S., Natalie P., Ryan S., Zakhary R., Ashton D., DeAndre R., Ethan B., Jaden M. & Jainey T. kid models in the Sears Wishbook 2009!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Check out Tiyana C.!

Look out for Tiyana C. Teen Model in your local bookstore! Tiyana landed all three book covers in The Sacred Stones series. She also can be seen in commercial for The Really Big Birthdays Contest commercial for Family Channel and the Project Card commercial for Upper Deck Trading Cards!

Congratulations Tiyana!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Agency of the Year 2009!

Carolyn's Model & Talent Agency won Agency of the Year 2009 at the
Canadian Model and Talent Convention!
In total our talent won 32 trophies!
Thank you for making us Agency of the Year!

Great Job Ladies!

Congratulations to Prianka D., Lydia D. and Jessica P. From Toronto best agency for their wins at CMTC 2009!
Prianka D.
2nd place Kids Casting Awards
1st place Dance Awards
2nd place Photography Competition Awards
Lydia D.
1st place Singing Awards
1st place Runway Awards
1st place Swimsuit Competitions Awards
Jessica P.
2nd place Swimsuit Competitions Awards
2nd place Runway Awards
Great Job Ladies!

Congratulations to Everyone!

Congratulations to the above talent for their wins at CMTC 2009!
2nd place TV Commercial Award – Erik S.
1st place Cold Read - Liam I.
1st place Improv Awards - Sebastian M.
2nd place Monologue Awards - Yvette J.
2nd place Photography Awards - Jainey T.
2nd place TV Commercials Awards - Lorna C.
2nd place Runway Awards - Akeela B.
1st place Dance Awards - Holy M.
2nd place Photography Competition Awards – Gabriella T.
2nd place Photography Competition Awards – Krisandra E.
1st place Swimsuit Competitions Awards – Dustin Z.
We are proud of all of you!

Way To Go Larissa!

Congratulations Larissa D.!! At CMTC 2009 Larissa won 1st place Cover Girl Awards!

We are proud of you Larissa!

Great Job Sydney C.!!

Here is Sydney C. and Carolyn at CMTC 2009.
Sydney won 1st place in TV Commercial Awards!!
We are proud of you Sydney!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Great Job Melane!

Congratulations Melane A.!
At CMTC 2009 she won 1st place Photography Awards, 2nd place Cover Girl Awards and Grand Overall Child Model of the Year!!!

We are proud of you Melane!!!

Amazing Job Santiago L.!

Here's Santiago L. at CMTC 2009! Santiago won 1st place TV Commercial Awards and Grand Overall Male Actor of the Year!

We are proud of you Santiago!

Julianna N. and Nikolina T. at CMTC 2009

Here's Julianna N., Carolyn of Carolyn's Talent Agency and Nikolina T. at CMTC 2009!

Great Job Carly L.!

Great Job Carly L.! At CMTC 2009 Carly won 1st place Monologue Awards, 2nd place Singing Awards, 1st place TV Commercial Award and Grand Overall Child Actor of the Year!!

We are proud of you Carly!

Great Job Tiyana C.!

Here is Tiyana C. and Carolyn of Carolyn's Talent Agency at CMTC 2009! Tiyana won 2nd place in the TV Commercials Awards and the Swimsuit Competitions Awards!

Great Job Tiyana!!!

Ken C. at CMTC 2009!

Here's Ken C. with Carolyn from Carolyn's talent agency at CMTC 2009!

Great Job Everyone!

Congratulations goes out to Tristin L., Ava M., Christine D., Evan E., Allyson S., Ayshe K., Gerry L., Paul M. and Nathan W.! From the best talent agency.They all recently booked a General Motors TV spot for the East Coast!

Great Job Ladies!

Watch out for Charlotte M. and Meloday G. Two Toronto models in an upcoming print ad for the TTC!

Congrats Cheryl D.!

Look out for Cheryl D. From the best acting agency in an upcoming Brand Power commercial for Ali Weight Loss!
Way to go Cheryl!

Great Job Julia M.!

Congratulations to Julia M. Toronto talent from the best acting agency for her recent booking on Physic Investigation III!

Way To Go!

Congrats to Ivett J. and Waleed E. From the best talent agency for their booking on a TV series called Ghostly Encounters


Congratulations to Michael A., Lindsay M. and Nathan W. Toronto talent for their recent Much Music Crush TV Promo!

Great Job Guys!

Congratulations to Mike R., Marcuz E., Mark M. and Tony W. Toronto talent for their recent roles on the TV show Underworld Gangs III.

Good Job Rosaire R.!

Congrats to Rosaire R. Toronto talent for his recent Revenue Canada Commercial.