Monday, May 9, 2011

Congrats to the CMTC winners From Carolyns Model and Talent Agency

Congratulations and a big Thank You to all of our CMTC Contestants that participated in the Canadian Model & Talent Convention 2011

Carolyn's Model & Talent Wins Talent Agency of the Year!

1st Runner up Kassidy D

2nd Runner up Alexa C
1st Runner up Christina Q

2nd Runner up Aneesa L

1st Runway Dougleshia R

1st Runner up Aneesa L

1st Runner up Dougleshia R

Cold Read
Winner Stephanie R

Kids Casting
2nd Runner Up Thea W

1st Runner Up Lola R

TV Commercial
1st Runner up Eden S

TV Commercial
2nd Runner up Danielle M

2nd Runner Up April C ( Adult Div)
1st runner up -cold reading (12 and up)

1st runner up - Erin R commercial print (ingenue)
Winner -tv commercial (ingenue) Erin R
Winner -monologue (12 and up) Erin R
Winner -improv (12 and up) Erin R

Grand Overall ACTOR of the YEAR
Erin R

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