Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Talent Tip: Be Weird & Be Proud!

Here is some great advice straight from the successful new star Jennifer Lawrence of The Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook.

"Keep being weird and just be proud of it!" says Lawrence.

Lawrence is a great example of how to be in the entertainment industry. She is strong and humble and has stayed true to herself through her success and rise to stardom. Lawrence is a true role model to aspiring actors and even models! These are important qualities to hold on to in this industry and something we also promote! It's so refreshing to see happy, humble and modest individuals in this industry.

Some tips to take from Jennifer:

- Stay true to who you are, BE WEIRD!
- Have a sense of humour and don't get too serious.
- Be modest about your success.
- Enjoy yourself and have fun!

"I'm not that crazy, but I'm an artist" says Lawrence.

Make sure to let your personality shine, always! It will not only allow you to be true to yourself but it will also help get you recognised and stand out in castings!

Check out a great article and interview with Jennifer below.

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