Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Low Carb Dinner & Snack Ideas

In the entertainment industry we all want to stay fit and healthy, so here are a couple great dinner ideas that taste amazing and are low carb so if you want to lose a few pounds to boot these are perfect! 

Carbs are needed to fuel your body and your brain, but if you're looking to drop a few pounds fast or just to eat healthy and clean cutting them out especially in the evening may help. Make sure you do it the right way though, you shouldn't cut all carbs completely so try these low-carb snack and meal ideas. 

Here are a few other tips to help you out:
  1. At dinner: If pasta is your downfall, there are several ways you can trick taste buds into (almost) thinking they're tasting the real deal. Here are a few delicious low-carb pasta alternatives for your next pasta night.
  2. Light meal: If your idea of the perfect light meal comes stacked between two slices of bread, you don't have to give up your love of a good sandwich when it's time for an evening snack. Stick to low-carb options that still give you the satisfaction of biting into a multilayered snack with these no-bread sandwich ideas.
  3. Late-night snack: Made it through dinner without spooning heapfuls of rice on your plate? Keep your low-carb commitment when hunger strikes late at night with healthy and nutritious low-carb snacks. From fruit slices paired with prosciutto to a quick tuna salad heaped onto tomato halves, we've got 10 filling, fresh, and nutritious low-carb snack ideas that will help satisfy cravings

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