Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Delicious Tomato, Cheese Sandwich

Here is a healthy treat you can make yourself or for the kids as a great lunch or afternoon snack to take with you to a go-see or casting. Treat yourself - this is healthy, but don’t eat it everyday as it still has cheese in it. It’s all about moderation however this is a great quick sandwich to take with you on-the-go.

Whole grain bread
Low-fat Mozzarella cheese sliced thick
Tomato slices
White onion slices
Turkey Bacon (optional)
Green onions cut up
Put slices of thick mozzarella on bread and put in the oven on broil. Watch it (won’t take long) until nice and slightly brown on top and melted. Make sure cheese is melted. (Nothing is worse than almost melted cheese.) Add bacon and sliced tomatoes, white onion and green onions. 
Serve with a small side salad with ranch dressing. Perfect lunch or snack.
(Avoid eating this for dinner. Keep dinner light.)

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