Thursday, August 15, 2013

50 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

Scientific research on coconut oil has revealed health benefits that affect your entire body, inside and out. Being in the entertainment industry, having a product that not only benefits you and your beauty regime but also your body in more than one way you've hit jackpot! You've heard good things about it and now you have a tub of it sitting in your pantry. So how do you use coconut oil? Read to find out!

1. Cheekbone Highlighter - Apply a small amount on cheekbones over makeup.
2. Shaving Lotion - Close shave and a moisturizer at the same time.
3. Facial Scrub - Combine coconut oil with Himalayan crystal salt and apply to face each night. Washing it off is optional.
4. Body Scrub - Combine coconut oil and sugar. Check out this DIY Sugar Scrub recipe.
5. Makeup Remover - Healthier, stronger and longer eye lashes are just a bonus!
6. Homemade Deodorant - You only need a few ingredients in addition to coconut oil to make this simple deodorant recipe.
7. Homemade Lip Balm or Lip Gloss - Apply directly or create a flavored version with this simple lip balm recipe.

8. Leave-in Overnight Conditioner - Looking for a deep conditioning hair treatment? Rub a small amount of oil into hair (mostly at ends), comb through and put hair in a loose bun before bed, and wash out in the morning.
9. Hair Flyaway Tamer - Use very sparingly on ends or areas with flyaways.
10. Defrizzer of Split Ends - Just put a tiny amount on your hands and run them through the frizzy areas.
11. Static Reducer - Rub your hands together with a little bit of coconut oil on them and run them through your static-y hair.

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