Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fall Lipstick Trends

Fall is fast approaching, the leaves are already starting to turn colour! That means fall beauty and fashion trends are here! One of the biggest season's for trends and fashion, so get ready!

Lipstick is always a fun trend to follow and it's easy to switch up and add to your collection if you're on a budget for beauty trends. Being in the entertainment industry it's good to know what is trending so you can know what you are promoting or potential jobs you can have etc.

Plums and purple's are HOT! Anyone can rock it, just find your perfect shade and you're all set for fall. You don't have to spend a fortune on lipstick either, there are many brands that sell great colours in trend for affordable costs like the Maybelline one featured to the right. There are many purple hue's to choose from!

*Correction MAC lipstick is $18 not $12 (some prices may be American and prices may vary depending on the store).

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