Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to Style Bangs

Fall is fast approaching and that means bangs are back in season! Bangs are super sexy and in style for autumn seasons and I highly encourage you guys give them a try. I always go back to my straight across bangs in September. As a model of actress it's great to freshen up your look and update your photos every 6 months to a year and if you're due for new one's now is the time to try a bit of a new look without being too drastic in changing your hair! 

Bangs are an easy cut and easy fix to grow out and they look fabulous and very high fashion. On the right facial and bone structure bangs can completely change your look for the better and could possibly start booking you jobs! Here are some ways you can style them if you're unsure or don't know how to wear them after you leave the salon. 


Comb out your wet bangs with a wide tooth comb. Easy!
Hold the blow dryer above your head (in your right hand) and focus the nozzle downward. Blow the bangs to the left for 5-10 seconds using a flat paddle brush. Then, switch hands and blow to the right for 5-10 seconds. Your bangs should be slightly damp.
Wrap the center section of your bangs around a medium-sized round brush and hit them with the blow dryer from above. You’re going to be left with some crazy, voluminous bangs. However, by the time you finish your makeup and walk out the door, they will fall into place leaving you with full, sexy bangsNote: I only use a round brush in the center section; not the sides.
4. HIT IT (& QUIT IT).
But for real – one last quick hit with the blow dryer from up above and you’re done.
Are bangs in your future? If you have them, how do you style them?

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